Welcome to JC Logistics Global Service Center
JC Trans owns a professional sales and senior customer service team, who understands well the requirement of Hazardous cargo ‘s packing and the booking requirement of shipping line, and we can provide custom clearance, commodity inspection, fumigate, insurance, container inspection, chemical identification, dangerous package license etc. We can carry on various hazardous cargo LCL, FCL, AIR import and export transportation business.
Hazardous Cargo Export Operation Process
1、Order receiving and booking.
Offer us export booking 7-10 days ahead, showing English and Chinese commodity name, container type, hazardous class, UN NO., hazardous package license and special requirement.
2、Offer declaration documents.
Offer declaration documents 4 working days ahead:
① hazardous cargo packing performance examination sheet
② hazardous cargo packing using identification sheet
③ description of products: in both Chinese and English
④ declaration for exportation (a. verification sheet b. invoice c. packing list d. customs power of attorney e. declaration sheet for exportation)
3、Loading and enter port.
Hazardous cargo is loading along shipside directly, so we begin loading 3 days before ship departs.
① Shipper delivers cargo to our appointed hazardous cargo warehouse to load
② JC Trans arranges truck to load container in factory, sticking hazardous label on container, if cargo will leak to pollute ocean, we also have to stick ocean pollution mark, and take photo.
4、Custom declaration
Confirm container number, truck tonnage, list, prepare entire custom documents and begin declaration, custom will turn on green light after examining.
5、Bill of lading confirm
Issue B/L according to the booking offered by client, and ensure the authenticity of the description.
Issue B/L according to the booking offered by client, and ensure the authenticity of the description.
7、Declaration form and B/L return
Return declaration form to client about one month after export declaration finished.