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JC Logistics Was Invited To Participate In Thematic Research Seminars

Oct 29,2018 by JC LOGISTICS

  Recently, the seminar on"assisting the organization of typical research on port charges"jointly organized by the ministry of finance,the general administration of customs,the development and reform commission,the ministry of communications,the general administration of market supervision and other ministries and commissions was held in dalian port and port bureau.JC Logistics,as the President of dalian freight forwarder association,was invited to attend the conference on behalf of logistics enterprises.

  During the meeting,the ministries and commissions investigated the development of ports in liaoning province,the customs clearance process of goods,the range of port charges,the compliance cost of unit containers and other matters,and listened to the reasonable opinions of participating enterprises and relevant industry associations.

  As President of Dalian freight forwarder association,JC Logistics always takes revitalizing dalian logistics industry as its mission and lead liaoning logistics forward steadily through continuous innovation and development.