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JC Logistics was invited in the Cambodia investment promotion conference

Apr 30,2019 by JC LOGISTICS

  Recently, the Cambodian investment promotion conference sponsored by the foreign affairs office of the Liaoning provincial government and the development and reform commission of Liaoning province was held in Shenyang,Liaoning province,and JC Logistics was invited to attend.

  Mr.CHEA VUTHY,deputy secretary-general of the council for development of Cambodia,is specially invited to attend this meeting.The council for the development of Cambodia introduced Cambodia's business environment,foreign investment policies,investment preferences,business costs and special economic zones.

  Cambodia is a member of asean and a"One Belt And One Road"country on indo-china peninsula in Asia.The Cambodian government has a stable political situation.It has implemented an open free market economy,carried out economic privatization and trade liberalization,made economic development and poverty eradication its top priority,and formulated relevant laws and regulations with the basic idea of encouraging foreign investment.

  JC Logistics is now actively participating in the material transportation of overseas engineering projects in Cambodia.This invitation not only improves the overseas popularity of the enterprise,but also helps to deepen the understanding of Cambodia's national conditions and investment policies,laying a solid foundation for the follow-up expansion of the Cambodian market.